Friday, October 31, 2008

Not Just a River in Egypt
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Conviction? What conviction?
More From the "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department
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How about a golden calf for the 21st century?

And, what the hell, it gives me an excuse to embed this:
Oh, Give Me a Goddamned Break
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After willfully and without the slightest hesitation engaging in the vilest of smear tactics, Sarah Palin now claims the mantle of victimhood.

You know, I find it amazing that the most prominent politicians of what I guess is my generation are...Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Talk about a contrast.
Great Moments in GOP Endorsements
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Lawrence Eagleburger, speaking candidly:
"Give her some time in the office and I think the answer would be, she will be adequate. I can't say that she would be a genius in the job, but I think she would be enough to get us through a four-year -- well, I hope not. ... Get us through whatever period of time was necessary, and I devoutly hope that it would never be tested."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Wingnut Nostalgia

Yesterday it was Dennis Prager, today it's Bill Cunningham.

Wingnuts and their hissy fits...
Smear Merchant Sarah
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Juan Cole and Think Progress have more on Rashid Khalidi, whom they think nothing of smearing with the vilest of allegations, based on little more than cynical whimsy, flat-out lies, and little concern for the consequences of their ugly rhetoric.

Rock throwers. That's all they are.
Must Be Nice
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Exxon Mobil reported income of almost $15 billion dollars in the third quarter of this year.

Doing some quick math with a calculator, I believe that comes to about two thousand dollars...a second.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
Joe the Melonhead
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October Surprise

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Maybe it's fitting, no pun intended, that this election is in some ways a referendum on Joe the Plumber more than anything else. We all know the allegations of "socialist" (along with other Rovian smears) are just so much more tripe for the grinder, particularly in light of the financial bailout, although anyone with even a smidgen of intellect is well aware that the United States is hardly an unfettered "free market" (as if we would even WANT such a thing.)

So, Joe, to mix metaphors, has decided to milk his fifteen minutes for all he can mine from it...not being all that choosy, he'll talk, write, or sing for both his dinner and as much dessert as the buying public will spring for. His is the American Idol meets Powerball Jackpot meets Pie in the Sky Dream...sad to say, plenty of people seem to think this is how you achieve "success."

It's fitting, apt, and appropriate that Joe and Sarah have hit the trail together--they're made for each other, each having been plucked from relative obscurity (ok, Joe more than the Wasilla Wonder), both displaying a sneering contempt for anything demanding intellectual rigor (like, say, the economy and/or foreign relations), and each ddemonstrating a stunning mix of ego and arrogance. They claim a common touch, yet they reveal an expectation of privilege that's easily the equal of the worst blue blooded snobs.

Kind of, (or, as Palin might say, kinda) like a certain Texas governor, who managed to combine the worst elements of blue blooded snobbery and redneck anti-intellecshualism into a perfect storm of executive ineptitude.

Now, Joe 'n Sarah have managed, at least thus far, to emerge as big winners in their respective games of lotto...and gee, every once in a while I'll plunk down a dollar and grab a quick pik or whatever they call it. But when I buy my ticket, I'm really not expecting to actually win any more than I'm expecting to get struck by lightning--multiple times--on the way home.

Likewise, most Americans can't count on lotto, winning contests, or becoming a media darling: contrary to Governor Palin and Joe, we actually DO live in the real world. I'm lucky enough to have a decent job, while my investment "portfolio" has a grand total of a single asset--my house (full disclosure: it cost less than Governor Palin's wardrobe upgrade.) Unlike Joe, I don't intend to go on the lecture, country music, or book circuit anytime soon.

And, unlike Joe, I intend to vote for a candidate who, if we're fortunate, will implement policies that benefit those of us who live here in the real world.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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More nonsense from the McCain campaign, and more evidence that it's not working.
Tell Us What You REALLY Think, Dennis
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Reaching Their Natural Level
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For the McCain campaign, that seems to be "the bottom of the barrel."
Wednesday Science Blogging
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"Scientists identify brain's 'hate circuit.' "

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Crybabies

I guess to start with a bit of crybabying of my own, geez--I'd almost choose eternal damnation and hellfire over the endless powerpoint presentations I was subjected to over the last couple of days...that said, I'm convinced more than ever that the journey to hell itself no doubt includes several tens of eons of such "features," with the promise of a break cruelly broken when the speaker goes "beyond their time."

Anyway, I'm not surprised to see Team McCain in full crybaby mode over perceived slights from his base the press
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However, watching McCain's base bend over backwards in their zeal to concede the point tells you something...about the press. Maybe call it a mix and match of crybaby and self-flagellant...and more than a little pathetic.

I mean, good heavens: perhaps the "negative" press coverage of McCain isn't so much bias as it is...a reflection of the fact that the guy ran THE dirtiest, sleaziest, most cynical campaign in modern history, which, when you consider the other contenders for that "honor," is saying quite a bit. That's all they've got--and look for it to continue, not only for the next week, but for the next four years (Sarah Palin seems particularly comfortable in the role of smear-merchant.)

However, this time the public rejected the nonsense about lapel flag pins, the nonsense about Jeremiah Wright, the nonsense about the ultimate "there's no 'there' there" in regards to Bill Ayers...and has likewise rejected the equally odious screeching allegations of everything from socialism to lusting after white, blond female flesh (it's time to STOP accepting the GOP pretend talking point about the Paris Hilton-Britney Spears ad being solely about "celebrity." This is the political party that brought us Willie Horton. Calling bullshit on that one is like shooting fish in a barrel.) And the public rejected this nonsense not because of the press, but in SPITE of it.

Over and over, McCain's Fourth Estate base breathlessly glommed onto whatever smear of the day the campaign deemed to be "the message." And they often seemed just as puzzled as the GOP smear merchants themselves when confronted with the fact that the public wasn't buying, at least not this time...

Gee, maybe that's because petty hatred of the kind that Karl Rove hawks is a bit of a luxury...a luxury that, thanks to Rovian-style GOVERNANCE, a lot of folks can no longer afford.

Note: a more regular posting schedule should resume tomorrow...

Monday, October 27, 2008

From a Raised House to the Big House
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OK, so it's unlikely he'll actually go to prison, but there's some small justice being able to say "convicted felon Ted Stevens" from here on out, provided he doesn't benefit from any "librul" judges in the appeals process.

If I remember right, either he or the equally odious Don Young (or maybe both) loudly brayed on about how they saw nothing wrong with larding on the pork going to the 49th State while giving a thumbs down to their fellow citizens of the Gret Stet in our hour of need.

Karma can be a bitch, Ted.
Away From My Desk...

Posting will, alas, be--at best--light today and tomorrow as I have to attend an off-site conference.

While I'm sure it's "good for the local economy," I get the feeling that, if boredom were altitude, I'll be hitting the stratosphere.