Friday, April 17, 2009

Fox News: On the Record as Pro-Torture
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Of course, some might think having to watch Fox News is almost tantamount to torture.
Water, Water, Everywhere

Time to replace the infrastructure:

The dangers of the nation’s aging plumbing are everywhere.

This year water main breaks have stranded drivers on washed-out roads around the nation, caused a mudslide in California and flooded school libraries in Minnesota and Texas. Last month, just after Gov. David A. Paterson attended the opening of a new subway station in Lower Manhattan, service to the subway line was suspended when a water main that was installed in 1870 burst, flooding the tracks. A break in Niagara Falls, N.Y., spewed some 11 million gallons of water...

"Everybody’s been looking the other way, and we have this ticking time bomb that’s ready to go off," [Warren, Michigan Mayor Jim] Fouts said, noting that many municipalities spend their scant resources on more visible needs, like street work, rather than on costly pipe repair and replacement. "Unfortunately, what lies beneath is as dangerous as what’s above."

If I remember right, one concern in the aftermath of the New Orleans Flood was the crumbling water system...hmmm...once again, New Orleans' fate is OUR fate.
Ouch, That Can't Feel Good
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Shrub gets slapped around by his would-be puppet.
Toys Torture "Я" Us
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Hullabaloo on the banality of evil, Bush administration style.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pickett's DeLay's Charge
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The former majority leader and future convicted felon joins the secessionist bandwagon.
The Flying Nut
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Bachmann Wingnut Overdrive is at it again.
Anyone Remember Tort Reform?
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I guess INAFLIYAR--It's Not a Frivolous Lawsuit if You're a Republican.
Teabagger Pride
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Matt Taibbi:

What's hilarious about the teabaggers, though, is how they never squawk about waste until the spending actually has a chance of benefiting them. You will never hear of a teabagger crying about OPIC giving $50 million in free insurance to some mining company so that they can dig for silver in rural Bolivia. You won’t hear of a teabagger protesting the $2.5 billion in Ex-Im loans we gave to GE through the early part of this decade, even as GE was moving nearly a hundred thousand jobs overseas over the course of ten years. And Michelle Malkin’s readers didn’t seem to mind giving IBM millions in Ex-IM and ATP loans at the same time it was giving its former CEO, Lou Gerstner, $260 million in stock options.

In other words teabaggers don’t mind paying taxes to fund the salaries of Bolivian miners, Lou Gerstner’s stock options, deliveries of "sailboat fuel," the Hermes scarves on Sandy Weill’s jet pillows, or even the export of their own goddamn jobs. But they do hate it when someone tries to re-asphalt their roads, or help bail their slob neighbor out of foreclosure. And God forbid someone propose a health care program, or increased financial aid for college. Hell, that’s like offering to share your turkey with the other Pilgrims! That’s not what America is all about! America is every Pilgrim for himself, dammit! Raise your own motherfucking turkey!

Oh, and there’s one other thing. I heard today from Steve Wamhoff of Citizens for Tax Justice. He had an interesting tidbit to offer on the teabagging movement. According to his research, 39% of respondents with incomes below $30,000 told the Gallup agency that they felt that federal income tax levels were "too high." Which is interesting, because only 32% of respondents in that income category will pay any federal income taxes at all on their 2008 income. You can draw your own conclusions.

The really irritating thing about these morons is that, guaranteed, not one of them has ever taken a serious look at the federal budget. Not one has ever bothered to read an actual detailed study of what their taxes pay for. All they do is listen to one-liners doled out by tawdry Murdoch-hired mouthpieces like Michelle Malkin and then repeat them as if they’re their own opinions five seconds later. That’s what passes for political thought in this country. Teabag on, you fools.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WWJDD: What Would Jefferson Davis Do?
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They're unhinged, pure and simple.
"Standard Conservative" Must Include the KKK Then, Right Rush?

The Moran Vote
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Steve Benen charitably refers to "Low Information Voters", while Al Giordano (long, but worth reading in its entirety) notes something a bit more sinister.
Credit Where It's Due

Area wingers will hold their tea bagging party outside an edifice known locally as Huey's erection. Haven't seen much of anything in the local rag, although a small story previewed Lafayette's.

Oddly enough, the only real publicity I've seen/heard was a promo for a local public radio show and an ad on MSNBC (your librulest of librul media...)

I'll be driving by the Capitol just before things get underway, which should allow me to make a somewhat decent estimate of crowd size, etc. Years ago I might have been tempted to engage the 'nuts, but there's really no reason to--it's not like you're going to change opinions of people who've made that much of an investment in least not when they're hobnobbing with their cohorts. Better to simply observe and move on.

UPDATE: Turns out not interacting was not an option -- the conversation was not unpleasant; however, I refrained from pointing out the irony of parking in a public employee lot in order to attend a gathering devoted to animosity towards...public employees. And nonstop shilling on Fox News, at least down in these parts, can generate a not insubstantial crowd. Looked to be at least a few hundred as I passed by, and likely more showed up -- had trouble finding a place to park after lunch, and the traffic was worse than usual. Oh well. Let 'em have their day. But...sigh. They just don't understand...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shorter Ari Fleischer
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"And even worse, it's so hard to find good cheap domestic help these days."
Something Called Flood Monitoring...
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Your federal stimulus dollars at work.
Save the Skinheads
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Malkin's latest cause.
Nothing Like the Taste of Plastic Tea

So tomorrow's spot-the-wingnut-day, brought to you by Fox Noise...

Sorry for the late start--busy day over here.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Why is John Bolton Even ON Television?

Shouldn't he have long since been committed to the closest psychiatric ward?
Glenn Beck--He's No Tom Paine


And here's something from You Tube:

Justice Thomas Interprets the Bill of Rights

Clown Shows Feature...Clowns

You've probably read Krugman already; however, one thing I'd like to add is that wingnuts have a habit of insisting that they represent "real America," as opposed to batshit construct that unfortunately isn't challenged nearly as often as it should be (which is "always".)

It's this construct that allows them to justify all sorts of VERY dangerous and ugly things.