Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Making Progress by Regressing

Considering that today the Preznit came out against evolution, it's only fitting that the LA Times reports that Iraq--home to the second largest known crude oil reserves--has a shortage of gasoline:

Iraqis will be issued ration cards next month allowing them to buy limited quantities of kerosene and cooking gas. Later, they will face restrictions on gasoline purchases...

Some people said that the ration cards would make it even more difficult to obtain fuel. Currently, they must stand in gas lines for hours or purchase higher-priced gas from black marketeers who hover alongside dusty roads hawking their product from jerry cans.

"Do you believe that this country … would suffer from an oil crisis?" asked Mazen Abdul Aziz, 52, a mechanical engineer who watched a half-mile gas line snake past his copy shop Monday. "It's unbelievable."

Oh, and the death toll for US military personnel rose above 1800.

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