Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birthday Boy Puppet

Looks like plenty of common folk out here in Blogaea are looking for the perfect present for a village-idiot-in-chief. The Rude Pundit thought Ken Lay's corpse might fit the bill, now that Satan has an eternal lock on Kenny Boy's soul...but then his rudeness got the best of him and he argued in favor of presenting Shrubleroy with a different body: that of Abeer Qasim Hamza, the teenage Iraqi girl raped and murdered--allegedly--by American military personnel. Well, that's why they call him The Rude Pundit, I guess.

My own suggeston is far more, ahem, modest: the birthday puppet should be taken on yet another secret, all-taxpayer paid expense trip to Iraq and brought to the farmhouse where this child--and her family--were most certainly murdered and brutalized...and he can try working his lame, used-war salesman routine on the surviving cousins. Maybe he can bring Don Rumsfeld along to explain how freedom can be "messy."

I'm sure they'd understand.

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