Monday, May 07, 2007

Two Regions, Separated by a Common Idiot

From YRHT and Cunning Realist, an Iraqi perspective on New Orleans:

What shocked me the most in this trip was how the city looked like Baghdad. New Orleans looked like Baghdad after the war in 1991; I swear I kid you not. The devastation, empty houses, the people returning to their life in the city, the “rituals” people practice before they completely come back, the bumps in the streets and the smell of destruction [it has a distinctive smell people. Yes it does.]

Read on.

Oh, and in another ironic twist-er (link via Dependable Renegade), the Kansas National Guard is unable to proceed with post-tornado cleanup at a normal pace because...much of their equipment is in Iraq.
Homeland Security that ignores disasters isn't worthy of the appellation.

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