Friday, June 01, 2007

Just a Thought

You know, I'll let the wingnuts salivate and drool over themselves as they gush on about their Fred Thompson man-crush (even as Greenwald pulls back the curtain and shows the real Fred in all his chickenhawk glory)...but I can't help noticing that regardless of whether his Montecristo is Cuban or Dominican or sure does display pretty poor judgement for a lymphoma patient to suck on a stogie.

Sure, on one level, it's his personal business...and, full disclosure: I'm a cigarette addict, although for the last six months I've managed to limit consumption to no more than four a day...and no, that hasn't been easy...

Now, if it was JUST a matter of old Fred, in his twilight years, saying "to hell with it," that'd be one thing. But old Fred's considering a run for the highest office in the office that, if nothing else, demands anything BUT poor judgement. If Thompson can't make wise choices when it comes to himself, you've gotta wonder how casual an approach he'd take with the lives of our soldiers, or people we claim to be "liberating."

Enjoy your cigar, Fred. But don't expect me or anyone else to think it makes you more of a man. Just the opposite, in fact.

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