Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Crybabies

I guess to start with a bit of crybabying of my own, geez--I'd almost choose eternal damnation and hellfire over the endless powerpoint presentations I was subjected to over the last couple of days...that said, I'm convinced more than ever that the journey to hell itself no doubt includes several tens of eons of such "features," with the promise of a break cruelly broken when the speaker goes "beyond their time."

Anyway, I'm not surprised to see Team McCain in full crybaby mode over perceived slights from his base the press
From 2Millionth Web Log

However, watching McCain's base bend over backwards in their zeal to concede the point tells you something...about the press. Maybe call it a mix and match of crybaby and self-flagellant...and more than a little pathetic.

I mean, good heavens: perhaps the "negative" press coverage of McCain isn't so much bias as it is...a reflection of the fact that the guy ran THE dirtiest, sleaziest, most cynical campaign in modern history, which, when you consider the other contenders for that "honor," is saying quite a bit. That's all they've got--and look for it to continue, not only for the next week, but for the next four years (Sarah Palin seems particularly comfortable in the role of smear-merchant.)

However, this time the public rejected the nonsense about lapel flag pins, the nonsense about Jeremiah Wright, the nonsense about the ultimate "there's no 'there' there" in regards to Bill Ayers...and has likewise rejected the equally odious screeching allegations of everything from socialism to lusting after white, blond female flesh (it's time to STOP accepting the GOP pretend talking point about the Paris Hilton-Britney Spears ad being solely about "celebrity." This is the political party that brought us Willie Horton. Calling bullshit on that one is like shooting fish in a barrel.) And the public rejected this nonsense not because of the press, but in SPITE of it.

Over and over, McCain's Fourth Estate base breathlessly glommed onto whatever smear of the day the campaign deemed to be "the message." And they often seemed just as puzzled as the GOP smear merchants themselves when confronted with the fact that the public wasn't buying, at least not this time...

Gee, maybe that's because petty hatred of the kind that Karl Rove hawks is a bit of a luxury...a luxury that, thanks to Rovian-style GOVERNANCE, a lot of folks can no longer afford.

Note: a more regular posting schedule should resume tomorrow...

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