Friday, January 16, 2009


Despite only a single person suffering major injury, I wouldn't wish what happened to the US Airways plane on anyone...not even high ranking officials for Team Bush and their neo-con wingnut minions.

That said, I find it fitting that on a day when George W. Bush, for one last time, stood before a hand-picked audience and petulantly waved the bloody flag of 9/11 as both badge of honor and justification for almost eight years of law-breaking AND two obscene, ugly wars...I find it fitting that he, most deservedly and most decidedly, was not the headline. Instead, his place was below the fold, if not buried within the "D" section in favor of a story out of New York, involving a plane...but where true heroism and genuine values overcame a crisis and prevented a catastrophe, without the loss of a single life.

There's a lesson there.

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