Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet Your State Politicians
From 2Millionth Web Log


So wrong, and so pathetic on so many levels. A governor who majored in biology, but rejects evolution, a State house and senate who passed, with only three dissenting votes, a ridiculous law that has the effect of turning public school into Sunday school--and which, if there's any justice, will be overturned by federal court, but at least until then and possibly after, has engendered an economic boycott including a major science organization cancelling an upcoming convention in New Orleans (and moving it to the relatively "enlightened..." Salt Lake City? Christ on a cracker.)...all because a few idiots are apparently so insecure in their belief system that they feel it necessary to force feed their myths to the general public as an "education" measure.

Yeah, I've learned something...our politicians apparently think of The Dark Ages as The Good Old Days.

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