Friday, July 10, 2009


Heading down to the city. Back later.

Update: OK, back. And...I'm zonked. Hope you don't mind me taking a day off...perhaps I can catch up this weekend, and next week I'm back at work, where I need to keep my internet use in check for the near future, i.e., I'll mostly be updating during the evening.

Aside from that, ah--it's NEVER a bad time to visit New Orleans. Had lunch at Ignatius' on Magazine St., did some wandering around, and even stopped by NOMA--free for Louisiana residents, but I'm doing ok, so I made a donation anyway.

The other day I told someone that while New Orleans has Kenner and Metaire, Baton Rouge IS Kenner and Metaire...sigh.

Catch you either this weekend or Monday. Thanks again for coming by to take a look. Cheers.

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