Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nice to Know We've Still Got "Moderate" Republicans
From Album3

OK, Lame-R Alexander as axe murder might be a bit much -- just a bit -- but what I do find interesting here is, one, how casually he impugns "Harvard or...San Francisco" with the same sort of disdain that only a few generations ago was reserved for "rootless cosmopolitans," and two, the ease with which he avers that ANY subsequent issues people have with their insurance company will be blamed specifically on the health care bill...which strongly implies he and his Rethug colleagues will be doing the implying.

It also strikes that alleged journalist Adam Nagourney can't seem to bother with challenging Alexander on this point...which is what a real journalist would do...

UPDATE: Damn, forgot to mention this, which was what first caught my eye:

Passage of the health care legislation challenges the heart of the Republicans' strategy this year: To present a unified opposition to big Democratic ideas, in this case expressed in a stream of bristling anger and occasional mischaracterizations of what the bill would do.

"Occasional mischaracterizations?" Ya think?


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