Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Grounded...An Update
From Album3

Even as Pimpgate falls apart faster than a cheap, fake costume (and check out Rachel Maddow's website tomorrow for more), my suspicions re: "investigative reporter" O'Keefe are, alas, confirmed -- someone paid out enough money to hire a fixer who pulled some strings, getting the boy off rather lightly in the process.

I'm not real surprised, though something tells me O'Keefe's fifteen minutes are coming to a rapid and ignominious end. The only real question is who's paying the big bucks -- getting charges reduced to a misdemeanor doesn't come cheap...if some wingnut benefactor shelled out, we can probably expect young Jim to not go so quietly into the night; if it was mom and dad taking out yet another mortgage on the house, O'Keefe will probably fade away and radiate.

And so it goes...


  1. thanks for the heads up about the maddow segment, that was an excellent encapsulation of this O'Keefe/Fox bullshit.


  2. Wish my suspicions hadn't been confirmed, especially since O'Keefe really hurt a number of people (i.e. Acorn employees), and did so maliciously...on the other hand, I think all of us know hoe justice really works...

    Would add a bit more, but the cat has decided one of my arms makes an excellent pillow...and my lap a decent bunk.