Monday, August 30, 2010

What WOULD Be Grounds For Termination?
From Album3

Besides the ramifications of keeping Simpson on the panel, i.e., catfood--it's what's for dinner! (if you're retired), I think progressives have a valid reason to be disappointed and less than enthusiastic.

Alan Simpson is a kook. And an asshole. He's been one for a long time, but I guess IOKIYAR asshole. NO WAY would an equivalent gaffe by a progressive (not likely, but work with me), anyway, there's no way a progressive making an equivalent gaffe would be allowed to stay, regardless of the degree and intensity of the mea culpas, the hairshirts, and the wandering in the desert eating locusts and wild honey (also potential retiree fare, come to think of it.)

Yes, I know the adage that the Democratic Party apparently HATES their base, but good lord...

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