Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And The Winner Is...
From Album3

Well, congratulations are in order all around on this one, history repeating as tragedy, then as farce, then as bride of, first, let's give credit--or blame--where it's due, starting with the entire Republiclown establishment. In deflecting blame from blowing up the economy -- and a fair bit of Iraq and Afghanistan -- on Dick and Junior's watch, they opted for a none-too-subtle extended hate fest of "Who's Your Daddy Kenyan Usurper" over the last couple of years, assisted by their loyal media corpse, um, corps, who just can't quit Newtie, Johnny McCain...and Sister Sarah (who, it should be noted, never passes up an opportunity to call them chumps.)

Oh -- and on the flip side, while I know damn well that it's no easy task trying to govern under these circumstances, the plain truth is that when even Teatards recognize the need for CHANGE (though they're hopelessly lost when it comes to HOW to change), anyway, Team Obama has, from the moment the election was called, gone out of their way to backtrack. You know, I'm aware that inertia alone will slow progress, and then you've got the puerile Republiclown party gumming up the works...but going out of their way to punch hippies doesn't exactly help. Progressives aren't the second coming the Fourth International, but people who have a strong interest in seeing their country PROGRESS -- even for Teatards.

By marginalizing EDUCATED OPINION, the stage has been set for a clown show that even Rove apparently realizes has gotten out of hand...and that's saying something.

Let's just hope the damage can be contained...

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