Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Not Just About Guns

From Album4

I doubt I need to even post a link...anyway, as I've noted before, I'm almost a 2nd amendment absolutist. Not because I own guns (I don't), but I know lots of people who do, and who are completely responsible owners and users of weapons. Besides, at this point trying to close that Pandora's box would be like trying to hold back the ocean. 

But the NRA has long since crossed the line from advocating responsible gun ownership to fetishization of not just guns, but of a ridiculous and puerile world view. A perversion and distortion that's not even an accurate rendering of the past, but a crude fantasy drawn from, as best as I can tell, old movies and TV shows. 

And every time we're tragically reminded of this, they double down on the hate. Which, given their lobbying power, isn't very good at all... 


  1. In your first paragraph you seem to be making a common mistake. The 2nd Amendment is not equivalent to gun ownership. The gun-rights fanatics like to pretend the 2A is the only thing standing between them tyrannical government attempts to confiscate their guns. It's just not true.

    So, the second amendment could be further restricted or even abolished, and gun owners who are lawful and responsible would continue to own guns. As you said, theres a Pandora's box aspect to it too.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike. Yes, you're right about the 2nd Amendment not explicitly sanctioning gun ownership. My remark is probably more "what gun owners who cite the 2nd Amendment think it says" than what it actually does. Sort of a shorthand reference.

    That said, though, I really do know a lot of gun owners, and without exception they're responsible. That doesn't mean all gun owners are...as we tragically see every day.