Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh, Well That's A Relief

From Album 5
To be sure, it's VERY good there was no loss of life, and that it's not as bad as the Deepwater Horizon spill....but "not as bad as the worst oil spill in US history" is setting the bar pretty low if you ask me.


  1. Yeah, some relief isn't it? The bar has been reset to very low. And I live in central Louisiana. I have yet to see the sink hole in Assumption Parish get any mention in our local "news" and that is only about 130 miles South of here. America, what a country.

  2. The sinkhole is unbelievable -- you'd think if nothing else there'd be a focus on property/homeowner rights...but...nope.

    And the comments in the local (Baton Rouge Advocate) rag's website are even worse. A lot of them accuse homeowners of...being greedy for wanting compensation. Geez...