Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just Plain Creepy

From Album 5
I wonder if this explains old Tailgunner Ted...presumably his old man's been feeding him this line for a long, long time.


  1. My personal opinion is that organized religion is THE worst thing humans have ever invented. War is a very close second, but the do no real work priest class and organized religion is THE worst of all.
    We fought the revolution in the 1770's to get rid of kings. Now these clowns and morons (no offense to real clowns and morons) want to get back to having a king(s)? No thanks.

  2. I should make clear that I have no problem with what an individual believes. I Do object to those who try to force any religion onto me. My beliefs, such as they are, are mine alone. I refuse to change them unless I decide to. So often, religion, of all varieties, is used as a club to force others to submit. That is what I detest the most.
    I think all should be free to hold whatever spiritual beliefs we wish, just do not try to compel others to follow your beliefs. As for myself, I am not a leader, if you follow me, you do so at your own risk as I may not know where I am going, so don't blame me if you follow me and we end up where you don't want to be. I also am not a very good follower, I tend to ask too many "bad" questions.

  3. Yeah, I was raised religious, and have very religious co-workers, but...for the life of me, I can't follow the logic all the width and breadth of creation, only in the last 2000 years and the anthrocentrism, etc. -- hmm...but hey, if you use it as a guide to live fairly -- or even as an insurance policy against dying (not that it really works), then good.

    But when religion becomes a cudgel to screw with people, um, count me out. Geez -- even within the last couple of years old Bill O'Reilly was trying to make the "but slavery brought them to Christianity" dunno, maybe they could've just evangelized and let 'em decide for themselves? Cmon. And Cruz...jeeeesus. What sort of creep thinks they've been anointed above all others?

    Wait...he does.

    Nope, not for me...