Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Might Not Know Who "Won" The Internet Today

From Album 5
But we sure as hell know who lost it.


  1. That is sick, just plain old fashioned SICK. And this piece of excrement is employed someplace at a high salary/wage? America, what a country. D'stupid needs to get a few clues. And s swift, large kick in his hind end. Oh, the end he sits on, not the hind end he uses to hold his hat with. If he ever got his head OUT of his hind end, he might begin to realize they are two different places on humans.

  2. It's almost a contest to see who can be the biggest asshole...but just watch the fake tears and histrionics if one of theirs gets insulted. Hissy fits don't get hissier (e.g., Martin Bashir's admittedly poor taste suggestion that Sarah Palin should literally eat shit...hmmm...but come to think of it, maybe Martin's got a point...)...

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving, and hope it doesn't get too cold up there. I'll be dripping the faucets tonight...

  3. Michael,
    We have freeze warnings tonight, again. Lows to be in the mid 20's. At least it isn't raining today. Sunny through the weekend is the forecast.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Stay safe and don't over eat too much.......LOL.
    Thanks for your blog, I check it every day.