Monday, March 10, 2014


From Album 5
Palin grifted her Green Eggs and Ham spoof.


  1. Oh for goodness sake. Heck Michael, how is it that some people still seem to try and hold this moose burger bimbo to some actual standards? That she copied some other persons work is not news. When has she ever had an original thought? Why would anybody expect her to have one now? I'd like to see this Caribou Barbie just ride off into the long Alaskan night and wait for the sunrise so that she can once again, "See Putin rear his head from her front porch." Or whatever part of Russia she claims to be able to see from her house. Of course she will keep hanging on, as long as there are a few lunatic Reich wingers who will pay her going rate to give one of her "great motivational" speeches to the rubes among the elephant gang. As others have said, grifters got to grift.

  2. It is pretty amazing how willing some folks are to being suckered...and, if they weren't so goddamned mean-spirited, I'd feel for them. They ARE getting suckered. But they keep jumping on the bandwagon of the very people who...make them suckers. Pie in the sky, etc.

    Palin works the cheap seats...meanwhile, the Kochs (inheritors of great wealth built in large part off government largesse) rake it in...sigh.

    And, just to repeat -- again -- I'd be happy to criticize Obama if it weren't for the fact that he's the least of evils right now. And, sad to say, the least we're likely to get for some time...