Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yeah, Just The Guy We Want Running Things

From Album 5
Well, that might be a little harsh -- even Barney Fife wouldn't get caught within ten miles of the Bundy ranch lunatics.


  1. Oh joy. Just what we need, more idiots who do not read or understand US laws. Federal law and the Federal officers trump state laws, state laws trump local laws, but the Feds rule. That is the system that has been in place for longer than I can remember. I am certain I learned that back in high school if not before. Yes, school actually did teach needed things in my school days. We also learned, some better than others as usual, to think for ourselves. Critical thinking and not just taking every damn fool idea on faith is what the country needs, not more blind following of the ideas of some loon.
    These morons have the audacity call themselves patriots? Bat droppings.
    Oh, and his "lovely" idea of using women and girls as human shields is sick. We accuse terrorists of doing that!
    I have to stop now as any more will degenerate into more swearing than you need to read. This sort of absolute crap just pisses me off to no end.

  2. It's like watching a snowball gathering mass as it rolls down the mountain. I keep wondering when the crazy will collapse into itself, kind of like a star going supernova...but it never does.

    Putting women out as human shields...and they claim to hate Saddam Hussein. Sounds more like they were jealous...

    So it goes. Sorry to post about the lunacy..but...it's my way of trying to stay more or less sane...