Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ted Talk

From Album 5
No, not that kind...but worth reading...know thine opponents.


  1. My question after this piece on Cruz, which loon is the looniest? Cruz or Jindal?
    Neither should ever be elected to any office and it is a sad thing they both are currently elected. That lets you know this country IS in real trouble.
    Oh, and yet, old diaper Dave waits to run the state from Baton Rouge. What a country. What a state.

  2. Hard to say who's loonier, but...I'll go with Terrible/Tailgunner Ted for now. Thus far I've survived ol' PBJ...go with the loon you know...

    And Gov. Diaper Dave frightens the crap outta me, pun intentional. Ugh.

    Take it easy up there.