Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Or Maybe It Is The Puppet Show

From Album 5
The hearings begin, and according to Charles Pierce, might be scripted to end-not-with-a-bang, much to the displeasure of the rabid, red meat, bloody shirt crowd.


  1. Michael,
    Great photo for this post. The thing is, "Spinal Tap" was actually funny. Yeah, I saw it a few times, never the entire movie though. I will someday, what I have seen of it was funny, but then, what do I know?
    This hearing is just another dog and pony show, my opinion. Notice the article you link to tells us, as if we didn't already know, some may not, that the elephant gang CUT nearly $500,000,000.00 from the State Department security budget. Yep, nearly one half Billion was cut from security. And NOW they want answers as to why our people were killed? Now they want to know where was the security force? Oh brother, this reeks of pot and kettle like so many other "hearings" in the world capital of idiocy/hypocrisy, yes, Washington D.C..
    Just my 2 cents worth, now about $0.000025768103 adjusted for inflation.

  2. As to the post from Tuesday, isn't it fun when those who call "liar" get shown to be liars themselves? Yes, I DO enjoy seeing asshats get hoisted by their own petards. Call me mean, nasty, anything at all. It is just the way I am.
    Something about those living in glass houses and stones comes to mind here. Ain't I a stinker? LOL. yeah, sometimes I AM.

  3. Yeas, agree with you on asshole Joe Wilson, though damn if the proof of his lie is anything to be proud of. Hell. US emigree retirees in Mexico -- and there are a surprising number -- pay a one time, very affordable fee, and are thereafter covered by their version of Medicare...and from what I've heard, the quality of care is very good...good enough for me to keep that in mind if I last long enough to retire...


    As to Spinal Tap, you know, the first time I watched use a modern expression...meh. Maybe I still thought of Rob Reiner from All in the Family. But I learned to like the movie. It's really good. McKeon and Christopher Guest are awesome (as they've been in other movies), I actually got to meet Harry Shearer, if you ever get the chance, enjoy.

    As to the hearings, I'm sure they'll devolve into standard wingnut bullshit, though, right now, everyone's obsessed with the latest shiny object, ISIS...which, as the link to Matt Stoller's article above notes, is...more complicated than they let on.

    Again, they just take so much...and they get away with it by lying to the gullible, who must in some way want to be lied to...because the lies confirm and justify their their opinions...which is how propaganda works...

    Hope the rain didn't hit you too much. We got a bit of a dumping over here, but fortunately I was inside...