Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Real Heir Apparent

From Album 5
It's Carly.


  1. If they weren't liars they would not be US politicians. Yes, I know that does sound very sarcastic/cynical. Well, in my life I have seen first hand what those lies can do, the Vietnam war was a real eye opener. I was there with 5th Marine Regiment 1970-71 and as an old song I still like says, memories are like starlight, they go on forever. True, I have many good memories also, but all our memories stay with us for life. The very fact that they allowed Carly to say her time as top person at HP was "good times" is amazing. She took a respected company and ran it into the ground, screwing the few workers left as well.
    Well, the old saying about liars and damn liars fits her well. Yes, she just may be the next 'dark side' Cheney.
    Oh, check out the web site Consortium News, they have an article titled "How the rest of the world sees the clown show". It is about the circus that the elephant gang is running in the run up to the primaries. So far the donkey gang is only two, Bernie and Hi-Larry, but the rumor is old Joe Biden may jump in soon. Well, another song has something to say about sending in the clowns if memory serves me.
    Hope you got your repairs done and didn't get too wet. We got a bit of rain Monday evening and yesterday morning also. Not much, just enough to get the pavement damp. Then I don't get out of bed too early now days so it may have dried for the most part, but no big puddles, so it wasn't much rain.
    Have a great week. Sending and extra ear rub for Tigger.

  2. Thanks for the Consortium News recommendation -- that name is familiar, fall into habits, and forget. Anyway...I really hope Biden (Senator for Big Banks) doesn't jump in...because he WILL fail. And besides, there's not a dime's worth of difference between him and Hillary Clinton (though I'm sure someone from a big bank would love to get their grubby hands on that dime)...

    Anyway...I thought the comparison between Carly and Old Dick was pretty spot on. Ha: I guess with Liz Cheney out of the picture for now, they need someone to be an abject liar, and Fiorina fits the bill as well as anyone...though, a comparison is useful: if Hillary Clinton was half that dishonest (and she's about half, but no, not quite), but if she was, they'd drum her out in a heartbeat. Lying is now such a feature on the right that it's expected. Damn.

    As for home improvement, it's getting there: had bigger plans, but getting half the window frames done will be...enough for now, and having a procedure in my head will make the other half a little easier to do on weekends, now that grass cutting season is almost over.

    And Tigger says...meow...

    Take it easy, hope all is well with you.