Friday, December 25, 2015


From Album 6
Happy Holidays...


  1. Michael,
    Great photo of Mr. Tigger.
    Sorry for zero comments this week. Woke up Sunday with severe stomach pains. Late Monday night the boss took me to ER. Been in hospital since. Set for a scope of lower GI tract Monday. Still alive, but feeling less than perky.
    Hope you are OK. Don't worry about me, I'll get better or worse how ever it goes I'm OK with either outcome.
    Hey, face it, I AM way past my sell by/use by date.
    Just got the old lap top this evening. Had some troubles with old iMac so no comments earlier this week. Wanted to reply Monday.
    And so it goes.
    Take care and have a safe New Years Eve.

  2. Damn, sorry to hear about the stomach pains. Well, take care of yourself in the best way you think possible. I'll do my best to think good thoughts.

    FYI, no problems not commenting -- always appreciate what you have to say, but take care of yourself first.

    And...on that note, I'm taking a break for a brief spell. Have something to post tomorrow, but will be at best sporadic for a week and a half or so. Wish I was here at home looking after Tigger, but since I can't turn back the clock, I'm taking some time out of town. If I've got time, I'll put up something, but...and again, take care of yourself...I genuinely appreciate your thoughts, and I'd guess, hell, even bet (though I'm not the gambling type) that your family loves you and needs you. So, for them, do what you think is best.

    Hope the new year brings you good things.

    Take it easy.