Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another Bite Out of the Nothingburger

Sorry, but there's no there there...


  1. Ah yes, once again Faux Noise strikes OUT with false reports from un-named sources. I often wonder about these un-named sources. I'll bet they are the fortune cookies you get at most any Chinese restaurant. Or, could they possibly be from the horoscope page in any daily newspaper? Ouija boards? Ah well, when one uses un-named sources, some of us stop to wonder just who/what those sources might be.
    Any sane, even semi-sane human being knows that Faux has had it in for anybody named Clinton for years on end. If Hi-Larry were a member of the elephant gang Faux would not even bother to mention this non story. 150 FBI agents looking into her emails? Please, what a crock, they had fewer of them looking into 9/11.
    Missed yesterday, but good grief; Paul Ryan? Holy crap!
    Well, hope you have a good week. I finally get my spinal injection again tomorrow. Ah, relief for part of the back pain is in sight now. Way over do for this.
    Take care Michael. Oh, I really liked the Friday photo. All your photos of Tigger make me miss the cats I once had the pleasure to share my life with. Good memories though. Cheers.

  2. Well, good on the pain relief. By the way, I'm taking an off day tomorrow, so maybe good timing--reducing pain is far more important, though if I'm at least a few seconds of entertainment, hope that helps.

    Speaking of a few seconds of entertainment: Ryan is spinning back and forth like a top. I'd guess he'd take the nomination if absolutely handed to him -- politicians have big egos, after all -- but you've gotta wonder who in their right mind would even want the GOP nomination at this point. All signs indicate a pretty massive train wreck, and...they deserve it.

    To be sure, it's not like w're catching much of a break with HRC ... but as I've said before, I'll take any little break after a generation of...Reagan, Bush Senior, Bill (not terrible, but not exactly a savior either...more just damn/blind/dumb/good fortune)...Junior...Cheney...at this point, I'm surprised we haven't fallen into the sea already.

    Oh, and the email stuff really is nothing. I mean, c'mon...what do they want? Do they want the emails? Oh, they're out there. If I've learned one thing in IT work, it's that email NEVER goes away. Somewhere there's a copy. The nonsense about "classified" material? Just as much bullshit: Wikileaks blew the lid wide open on classified material, and it's been virtually forgotten...well, except that Assange is still stuck in an embassy (he looks like a bit of a weasel, but if looks were criminal, I'd probably be locked up as well, so)...Benghazi? More bullshit. Not that HRC doesn't deserve most of what she gets, but a fair amount is strictly the puke funnel doing what they can to damage the brand, which is ironic, because she and Bill can "damage the brand" all on their own.


    Thanks for mentioning good and still much missed Tiggs. Oh...he was quite the guy, and is still quite the little guy in my heart. At least I had his company for as long as I did.

    Have a good weekend.