Monday, March 25, 2019

Oh, So It's Not A Witch Hunt Anymore?

Nope, doesn't pass the smell test. They howls of vindication are too loud, the threats to alleged enemies are..Nixonian, sure, but far more low rent.

For some reason I'm reminded of the midterms. The polls had barely closed on the East Coast when the Repugs and their media allies (even on librul MSNBC) tried to downplay the results (no blue wave). Even after it became clear there was a blue wave.

Trump's a crook. There WAS collusion. How do I know? Because he repeats "no collusion" over and over again, and he's a chronic liar. That's plenty proof enough.

My hunch is there's quite a bit of money laundering too.

I expect some of the Democrats will panic, because...that's what they do. But keep in mind Trump is and always will be uniquely unpopular as a president. He was "elected" because of weird rules and fluke luck. And he can't spin his way out of that.

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