Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pelosi's Wrong On This

I'm under no illusions about the Democratic Party, and minus the illusions, I'll even accept that Speaker Pelosi is good at the job of Speaker. Pelosi also represents the corporate/money wing of the Democratic Party and while it's not my faction, it's not like I've got an alternative to the DLC or whatever it's called these days.

But insisting that impeachment is not an option is...as bad as taking pride in quoting Ronald Reagan, which Pelosi also does with depressing regularity.

Just stop. On both.

Regardless of what the Senate does, the point of impeachment is to prosecute for serious offenses. High crimes means felonies. Misdemeanors means misdemeanors. If Trump commits them (or committed them -- hint: he did), he should be impeached.

Show some fucking spine.

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