Monday, July 13, 2020

A Very Stable Genius

This is probably true (short version: The GOP would've gone full scorched earth if Covid-19 happened in a Clinton administration, regardless of how competent it might have been handled); but it also underscores a much more serious issue: the major media in the US is complicit in how we ended up with a psychopath President in the first place. 

For a generation, they've been so scared of being tainted by librul cooties almost anything the GOP advocates is taken seriously, while anything that deviates more than a degree or two to the left is immediately considered unacceptable socialism. 

Malpractice. Not just for medical professionals. 

Hope they've liked the ride...because, even if Trump loses in November, and lord help us if he doesn't, but even if he loses, there's an awful lot of rot locked in. And who knows when some loner loser wingnut will decide The Enemy of The People enemy.

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