Thursday, June 24, 2004

Good Morning--This is Your Wakeup Call

A bus explosion in Istanbul killed five people (the third bomb in Turkey this week. Earlier in the day, a small bomb in Ankara injured two people, and another bomb in Istanbul on Tuesday injured a policeman). Next week NATO will hold a summit there, its eastern outpost.

And--one week before the transfer of power to the "New, Improved, Almost Entirely Sovereign Government of Iraq," Bloomberg reports on insurgent attacks throughout the country which killed almost seventy people and injured scores of others.

Meanwhile, Richard Baker (R-LA), US representative from my district, has a peculiar response to such violence (thanks to Timshel for the link). He thinks the insurgent movement justifies the war. Turning logic on its head, Baker manages to display a startling ignorance of the facts on the ground. I referred to him as a jellyfish in Ricky's comments, but perhaps I should have used diatom, given that he must have pebbles--or sand--occupying his brain case.

Maybe it's time for a new Morning in America ad campaign--because if this isn't a wakeup call regarding our foreign policy in the Middle East, I don't know what the hell is.

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