Monday, January 10, 2005


Simbaud, who produces King of Zembla, alerted me to a major error in my post below entitled Meta -Meta-Post. Joe Bageant's work goes to King of Zembla BEFORE sites like Counterpunch and ColdType get their chance (and thanks for being cool re: my mistake).

Simbaud's site is well worth taking a look at--which I'm doing right now. Glad I decided to drink-in this evening.

So--King of Zembla is now on my blogroll--and hey, it looks like he's from the Bay Area, as is Scaramouche--and Balta, I think.

Simbaud, if you happen to come across this--a good friend (who comprises a significant percentage of my readership, alas) dropped me an email earlier, to say thanks for the Bageant essay.

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