Friday, August 19, 2005

Hold 'em or Fold 'em

Hullabaloo cites Kevin Drum in a post today--both are worth a good look, and both are thinking about long-term trends in the Democratic party...but Drum's rhetorical question to Democrats should be asked of Team Bush as well:

...if you do believe we can win in Iraq, let's hear what you mean by "win" and how you think we can do it, and let's hear it in clear and compelling declarative sentences. "Stay the course" isn't enough...

Conversely, if you don't believe we can win in Iraq, and you're only suggesting we stay there because you can't stand the thought of "looking weak," then your moral compass needs some serious adjustment."

As I said, Drum and Digby are looking at this from a perspective of examining Democratic Party strategy--but there's nothing wrong with likewise demanding straight answers from the gang running the show (even if the odds of getting a straight reply from them could be measured in megaparsecs). And, to date, I can't think of a single instance where the Bush cabal has been put on the spot and directly asked to put some cards on the table.

Indeed, David Ignatius (hat tip to Ben for the link) spends today's column attacking various Democrats for what amounts to "lacking the vision thing." While there might be some truth to that (Joe Biden as president is about as inspiring as dog food for dinner), hammering Howard Dean for lacking an Iraq plan--while NEVER so much as ASKING for one from Bush--makes little sense. Dean didn't get us into Iraq--Bush did. And, more and more evidence indicates to what extent Bush was willing to lie in order to get us there.

Again, this is why someone like Cindy Sheehan is so compelling...oh, and I'd like to wish her all the best, like so many others have done in light of mother's condition. She's asking a basic question, and refusing to accept nonsense like the latest insane rantings from Dick Cheney (WARNING: the link is to Faux News). Now, if only the "free press" would follow up and demand some REAL answers.

"Stay the course," "until the mission is complete," "freedom," etc., under the circumstances, mean nothing--you could substitute random words and not make any less sense. Team Bush needs to come clean with the public, and explain once and for all WHAT the plan IS and HOW they intend to accomplish it.

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