Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Inner (Green) Eyeshade

Kevin Drum lets loose with some proposals of his own in light of speculative (repeat: SPECULATIVE) GOP belt tightening...well, perhaps that's being a little generous to the GOP, who, for all their hrummmphing about "small government," can't seem to keep their grubby little fingers out of the national cookie jar treasury.

Aside: Billmon takes the time to compare Tom "My Earmarks Are Pretty Important" DeLay with other notable politicians during times of national crisis. Good to see Tom has HIS priorities straight (I expect his final act as Majority Leader before his own special frogmarch will probably involve some massive diversion of dollars to Sugarland...who knows, maybe for a special federal prison...).

Anyway...Drum, without a whole lot of effort, manages to identify almost $800 billion dollars worth of spending that could conceivably be trimmed over ten years--some eight times what House GOP'ers managed to pony up. Makes you wonder just how conservative these people really are. Unless of course, they really mean "conservative for thee but not for me."

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