Friday, September 23, 2005

Waiting and Watching

Here in BR we're in between showers, but outside my window looking due east skies are dark. I'm guessing the rain will start in the next few minutes. Otherwise, local news has a few reporters out around Lake Charles, (a hundred miles or so west of here) winds are picking up. Lake Chuck will get hit pretty hard, and they're already reporting fallen trees just north of the city.

Earlier today, my sister and I exchanged a few emails--she and my mom are riding the storm out in New Iberia (eighty miles southwest)--they went to a friend's house, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. New Iberia will get strong winds and heavy rain, but as long as the storm keeps tracking to the west, it won't get the worst of it.

My own posting will be pretty light through the evening, unless I see/hear something. Still hoping the electricity will stay on.

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