Thursday, January 12, 2006

Waiting and Watching

The big blogs are all focused on Scalito-- and the Missus's kleenex moment--for the most part (a few have taken note of Kate O'Beirnes horrid little screed of a book, while Tbogg channels Jonah Goldberg)...As for me, I'm hoping to hear a few reports about this morning's rally in Jackson Square and Shrubusto's "no, really, I DO care" visit to the Gulf Coast (fittingly, he gives the game away--the REAL trip is to a Florida fundraiser, i.e., the Gulf Coast visit is merely window dressing/a cheap way to charge taxpayers for using Air Force One).

You know, I think I have my own modest proposal: For EVERY dollar spent in Iraq, an equal amount should be spent on Gulf Coast recovery...looks like right now that's $233 billion...and counting. Any assclown who balks at such an expenditure should be required to explain their position--preferably in public, ideally before an assembly of people who either live in the affected areas, or have been displaced. I'd be particularly interested in seeing Shrub's response.

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