Monday, October 16, 2006

GOP: Well, the Box is Already Open...
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(and they're the ones who opened it.)

Or, as I almost titled this post, you can't unshit the bed...the now daily, grim headline pretty much says it all: Iraq Sectarian Spree Kills 83 in 2 Days. In the body of the article, the deaths of four more US soldiers--and a Marine--are dryly noted.

Sounds like a certain administration--nominally led by a Connecticut Texan idiot--has a level of violence that they're willing to tolerate, too...although it appears that some in Shrub's political party are finally saying "enough."

Or maybe I should say that they've been saying "enough," but the media is finally realizing that reality can only be denied for so long.
Update: So much for the myth of the reality-based wing of yer GOP--Glenn Greenwald eviscerates that notion here.

(Note: article links courtesy of MediaNeedle)

Speaking of reality--I guess most folks have already seen John Murtha's WaPo op-ed, but for those who haven't, here's a link.

Meanwhile, over here, Scout Prime found a GAO report (.pdf) saying that the government simply doesn't know how or where it spent $88 billion dollars of Katrina funds. Talk about throwing money at the problem--well, no, just throwing money...because very little has actually made it to the region.

I'd bet though, that more than a little has found its way into the grubby paws of Big Time's favorite "charity:" Halliburton.

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