Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In the Reality-Based Community, It's Still Chickenshit

But in Bushworld, it's actually a tasty chicken salad! Mmmmm, delicious, says the media, especially with a little added surge.

I suppose it's appropriate, if not ironic, to sigh, "Jeeeesus H. Christ" when reading a this story at this time of year, particularly when a most inconvenient truth has been swept under the rug:

But tens of thousands of Baghdadis have found an antidote [to horrific traffic jams] in the venerable motor scooter. Often imported from China and bearing almost familiar names like "Yomaha" or "Mucati Classic," scooters have taken the city by storm, providing a nearly ideal way of getting about in a war-weary town riddled with checkpoints and bedeviled by car bombs.

Typical Pravda-Upon-Hudson: see--it's not so bad after all! Sure, their country is the trainwreck of all trainwrecks, but hey, take a spin on the scooter and feel the wind in your hair. Nevermind a FUEL SHORTAGE, no electricity or running water...or the suicide bombers that may still be active but I guess just don't count anymore or the VERY inconvenient fact that heretofore the one stable area in the country--the Kurdish region--isn't anymore. No, think about the scooters...and maybe give it another Friedman Unit.

Just don't let reality intrude upon the President and the modern conservative movement...that'd be rude.

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