Friday, December 28, 2007

There's Slow, Then There's Bush Administration A.C.O.E. Slow *

You know, part of me is a little sympathetic to the request for more time to develop a coastal protection plan for Category 5 hurricanes...I mean, c'mon, any plan worthy of the concept will be neither cheap nor easy to implement. But any sympathy is tempered quite a bit by the fact that IF the Bush administration actually considered the needs of American citizens to be, you know, in the national interest, there WOULD ALREADY be a plan in the works.

It comes back to something Scout Prime wrote about at a TPM forum: what sort of government DO we want? One that responds to our needs, or one that doesn't give a shit (that is, doesn't give a shit about us--on the other hand, Dick Cheney and those connected to him are cackling giddily: government is certainly responsive to THEM). I mean, geez, every day I think about an astonishing array of things government could easily be providing--to all of us, regardless of location--instead of choosing to spend blood by the barrel and money by the billions, with plenty of the latter finding its way into Big Time's grubby fingers.

It's all a matter of priorities...and choices.

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