Friday, August 08, 2008

Some Real Dead Enders Weigh In

David Nazi-With-a-Nose-Job Duke and other equally repulsive representatives of the, well, repulsive white supremacist movement go on the record as hoping for a "backlash" should Barack Obama be elected president:

They're not exactly rooting for Barack Obama, but prominent white supremacists anticipate a boost to their cause if he becomes the first black president. His election, they say, would trigger a backlash -- whites rising up, a revolution of sorts -- that they think is long overdue.

He'd be a "visual aid," says former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, in trying to bring others around to their view that whites have lost control of America.

I take some comfort in knowing that dead enders like Duke really ARE a dying breed, although it's likely there will always be at least a few of his ilk around...and a few is all it takes to do something truly ugly, given certain circumstances.

Still, it seems--or, at least I think/hope--that Duke's brand of hatred is ending with a whimper as society continues to evolve, leaving no room for pinheads like him.

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