Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fighting Fire With Fire

I agree with The Rude Pundit on this one, hence the picture above which, yes, is a little harsh, but in keeping with the spirit of hit them back just as hard...particularly in light of Scarborough's admission that he's willing to chew on whatever shit Team McCain feeds him, because they're "assertive."

Of course Obama can't personally call McCain a pedophile enabler and neither can Joe Biden, although Biden needs to stop with the McCain worship and attack him for the craven little bully he is. But the Obama team should make it very clear that two can play the game...which, at the very least, will keep the blathering idiot element of the press corpse busy enough...THEN they can smack McCain/Palin upside the head with issues.

This is a start. And I'd suggest a bit of contempt for the media as well--the public perceives ALL journalists, fair or not, as pampered little assholes (McCain knows this--which is why he's decided to do his Heathers routine and shun them, at least through the election.) Not that they really have any shame, but shame those journalists who can be shamed into actually focusing on the very real concerns of very real citizens (ok, I exaggerate, but only a little: a few reporters ARE actually noting the stench of shrill hypocrisy wafting forth from the GOP.) Hit McCain back HARD, to use a Rovian tactic, on his perceived strength. Alas, the POW nonsense is off the table, but maverick--and age--definitely aren't. Neither is fact, I'd combine some of those and have people loudly and publicly suggest that McCain SHOULD have run for president in 1988, not 2008. Hell, I'd do my best to goad Johnny Mac into one of his shitstorm temper tantrums, which might work well with his base but would cause any sane person to back away with revulsion.

Yes, it's sad that the political process has come to this. In an email to a friend I said I never thought I'd HATE watching a national campaign...but Team McCain is determined to go below even lowest common denominator and instead turn it into a freak show. Well, then give him what he deserves...and while he's whining and licking his wounds, use the space to make the race what it should be about--issues.

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