Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Cat and Storm Blogging

Tigger, doing what he does best.

Across the street. I took the picture Tuesday, the debris pile is still there today. I don't think the angle gives an idea of just how much stuff there is. If you look closely, you can see a deactivated parking meter.

Where I live is a mix and match of residences and businesses, particularly law offices. On an average day at least four or possibly five cars will be parked there.

For all sorts of reasons I'm at home right now, and am looking outside at gray skies and blustery conditions, with on and off rain. We're on the very edge of Hurricane Ike's outer bands. Thank heavens it won't be the second coming of Gustav for us.

People along the Louisiana coast aren't so lucky though, particularly those who dealt with Gustav's full force. Likewise, it looks like the Houston/Galveston area will be hit hard.

As I said earlier this week, you don't wish this sort of stuff on anyone. Hope anyone in the path was either able to evacuate or otherwise stays safe.

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