Friday, September 19, 2008

The People V. G.W. Bush

Here's a campaign promise I can support: Charlotte Dennett, candidate for Vermont Attorney General, promises to hire Vincent Bugliosi as a special prosecutor if she's elected for the purpose of bringing charges of murder against Shrub:

"No man, even the president of the United States, is above the law," said Bugliosi.

Meanwhile, isn't it interesting that the MAJOR disaster resulting from Hurricane Ike is pretty much off the national radar screen? For that matter, Gustav's effects are still being felt, too. And the pitiful response from the government makes it clear that the Bush "philosophy" is completely unacceptable, particularly in light of his newfound appreciation of big government programs...for big finance.

Sorry to digress, but to follow on this tangent for just a bit: nobody wants a disaster, but stuff happens...and the response to stuff happening is as good a drill as anything for the kinds of attacks this administration claims they're protecting us from.

But if this is the sort of protection we can expect, i.e., Operation Stumblebum, makes you wonder just where all the money's gone.

Or maybe we've been played for suckers--willingly in the case of wingnuts, not so willingly for the rest of us--all along.

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