Monday, September 15, 2008

From Change to Small Change to Flat Broke

John McCain wants to privatize Social Security, which means the funds would be managed by geniuses like this.

Oh, and recall that not-dismissed economic advisor Phil Gramm helped make the Enron disaster a reality.

Speaking more generally, though, Social Security is not merely an "entitlement," which itself is an odious term invented by right wing sleaze mongers, who possess more than a little of the entitlement mentality themselves. Social Security is a long term investment in the United States. The ramifications of privatization would far-reaching in ways wingnuts lack the capacity to imagine (for instance: this would doubtless affect, in a negative way, the stability of United States commercial paper.) No, Krugman's correct: the wingers want to destroy Social Security BECAUSE it's a successful government program, and they're so ideologically rabid that they don't care if they destroy the lives of senior citizens, or working people who provide goods and services to senior citizens, etc. They likewise don't care if they do irreparable harm to the country's financial underpinnings. In other words, they're willing to destroy the country to make their point.

Sounds a little like the McCain campaign strategery of saying or doing anything, no matter how vile, if you think it might score you a few cheap points.

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