Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging With Photoshop

We'll call this the pop culture and pop music edition:

From 2Millionth Web Log

First, a little cheesecake. Amazing how tame this is in retrospect. Also, I'm old enough to recall the Steve Martin joke. Posters, centerfolds, and so on I guess are so 20th century.


From 2Millionth Web Log

Let's see--in order, I think that's Jackie, Tito, Michael, Marlon and Jermaine. And, no I did NOT look that up.
Update: OK, I did look it up--Marlon's younger than Jermaine -- didn't know that -- so let's reverse them, i.e., Jackie, Tito, Michael, Jermain, & Marlon...
Have a good weekend...

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  1. Two pop icons gone and Ed McMahon, a classic!