Monday, June 29, 2009

Wings Clipped Further

Just a quick fyi here: this morning I was told that extensive internet monitoring software was installed and that we were now expected to curtail our visits to 'questionable' websites.

Specifically, high bandwidth (i.e., You Tube) and of course pornography were mentioned; however, I'm well aware of the fact that my political views aren't exactly shared in the office. And in a recession climate, they could very easily be used like a hammer to my fingers...hence...

At least for a while, I'm sucking it up on posting and/or visiting certain sites during the day. I'll update here in the evening.

Perhaps sooner rather than later I'll be able to purchase something--maybe a small netbook--that will afford me a measure of privacy in my browsing and/or posting. Another option is remote access software that will let me connect to my home system.

Until tonight then...and for those of you who still stop by now and again, my continued thanks.

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