Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Let 'em Bark
From 2Millionth Web Log

Seriously. Give 'em enough rope and they'll take care of the rest...after all, how many people really want to be associated with Crazy Eileen the Birther?

And if the answer is basically "holy shit," well, at least we know...but, and maybe it's just the eternal optimist in me, I'd like to think most people wouldn't touch old Crazy Eileen with a thirty foot teaspoon.


  1. Informed citizens forcefully protesting to their elected officials. The shame of it. What have we come to in this country.
    It is perilous for the Dems to ignore and condemn an aroused citizenry.

  2. "It is perilous for the Dems to ignore and condemn an aroused citizenry."

    Not if they're astroturf zombies, or Crazy Eileen the birther. I really think the public finds them weird, which is why I'd like it if they were given plenty of time to spout off. My hunch is that they don't really have anything constructive, but are just mad as hell.

    What's sad is that the people who they tend to support politically are the very ones who screw them over even more than their object of hatred du jour, i.e., the Obama administration.