Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mission Accomplished...and This Time for Real
From 2Millionth Web Log

It's nice to see a degree of maturity in United States diplomacy. Wingnuts will howl, but this WASN'T about juvenile chest puffing (hmmm...like the latest teabagger actions), and this wasn't even about Kim Jong Il's ego-in-inverse-proportion-to-his-physique, or even about US/North Korean relations. It was about freeing two women, real women with lives, with families and loved ones, not cartoons or pawns in some dysfunctional Grand Game.

And it worked. Welcome to reality. Adult behavior preferred.


  1. Yeah but it would have been more fun to photoshop Bill Clinton's mug onto a pic of Rambo running through the fields with a freed P.O.W. on each shoulder.... since we all know that's really how it went down.

  2. While dodging a hailstorm of red hot commie lead, followed by a massive explosion, followed by interminable but silent suspense until a crackly, static-y radio transmission from the Big Dog:

    "Mission Accomplished. We won this time."

    Sigh: having to blog after hours = taking a few shortcuts...am hoping the internet monitoring experiment fizzles out before too long.