Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Doubling Down

From Album 5
Amazingly, the Republican base STILL wants to collectively, no pun intended, bury their head in the sand. And the net result is a political party that can't even get stuff done that they want to do.


  1. Crazy is as crazy does? How much further Reich-wing can they go? Of course the donkey gang is not really much better, both wings of the war party (donkey and elephant) long ago sold out to the banksters, Wally Street and International "capital/finance" and the multinationals who drive for more damn fool, useless wars of choice.

  2. Alan Grayson is right on the mark when he says one party's owned by Wall Street and the other mostly does whatever it asks...but when it gets to not being able to pass basic appropriation bills because mythology trumps reality...ouch.

    Krugman wrote a pretty pessimistic post about that today.