Monday, July 29, 2013

Red Faced In Red Stick

From Album 5
OK, Gautreaux at least apologized -- which was the very least he could do...and it's nice to see the mostly negative reaction...which might be a sign that more people are growing up and recognizing that private consensual activity between adults is...none of our damn business, and that gays and lesbians have as much right as straights to pursue happiness.

Still...that arrests were made to begin with calls for a major league face palm...


  1. I have never understood how a gay couple being married will hurt me. I am not gay/lesbian, but I DO think this messed up world can use ALL the love it can get.
    Just why would a married gay/lesbian couple harm me and my marriage? Nobody has yet offered any reasonable explanation for that. I am certain there has been no such explanation because there is none. Just a bunch of bigots who demand we all bow down to what they believe or say they believe.

  2. Exactly -- personal lives are people's personal business. You can probably tell I've got a librul bias, but wouldn't conservatives want the government to stay out of people's private lives? Hell, I'm no fan of Barry Goldwater, but the so-called godfather of movement conservatism would, as I'm sure you already know, be appalled by the big government stance a lot of them take on matters like this.

    Also -- traditional marriage? No such thing...again, I'm sure you already know that.