Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chip Off The Old Blockhead

From Album 5
Rafael Cruz -- as crazy, or maybe even crazier than his kid...


  1. I get so tired of the nut balls who keep telling us that this country is a Christian nation or a Judeo-Christian country or any other sort of religious country. Disgusting and WRONG.
    As for Gobomber (the drone king) being a Marxist, I wish. Nixon was much farther to the left politically than Gobomber ever was or will be. These tea party clowns are totally delusional.
    I have to stop now, my blood pressure is getting way to high and keeping to polite language on this is near impossible. And to think I was a US Marine, did a tour in Vietnam just to now find it was for some religious ruled place? No thanks.

  2. Well, yeah...and that's the problem: political disagreements can't be debated rationally when you've got one side that's totally batshit insane. Neither Obama, nor Clinton...nor Jimmy Carter was or is anything other than...a politician. All of whom, as you know, were/are relatively well off, professionally educated (ok, Carter was USNA, but he's got an engineering degree)...all of them could easily fit on a corporate board, and probably do (with Obama, he probably will after 2017).

    The Marxist stuff really infuriates me, partly because I'm pretty far left, and having to defend centrists is time consuming and counterproductive. this world, the charge is also fighting words. As a Vietnam veteran, you know this.

    Add in the religious whackery, and it's pretty scary. Mission of god types never seem to object to some very ungodlike things when it comes to forcing their point of view on everyone else...just saying.

    Take it easy, have a good weekend, and hope the weather around Alexandria turned for the better like it did over here.