Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Don't Be A Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey

From Album3
When all you watch on TV is Faux News, you get misinformed. When you get misinformed, you make stupid and outrageous demands just for doing your job of funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. When the president sensibly refuses to give in to your hostage taking, and you don't have a fallback plan, you get deranged. When you get deranged, Godwin's Law comes to the fore and you make even dumber remarks about "unconditional surrender." When you make even dumber remarks about unconditional surrender, you've officially lost and are a cheese eating surrender monkey.

You may not like being a cheese eating surrender monkey, but goddamnit, you backed yourself into this corner, have no one to blame but yourself and your neo-Confederate fire eater extremists, and can't seriously threaten to blow up the global economy if you don't you way this time. Grow the fuck up.

If nothing else, it'll give you plenty of time for golf...


  1. LOL, I see what you did here. You did a play on those vile, disgusting, idiotic TV commercials for direcTV. I despise those ads and will never get that "service". Nor will I get that of their competitor, the one with the "hopper" as those ads are just as crappy in my opinion.
    That being said, I do think YOU did an excellent take on those ads. By the way, I was trying to say I find the above mentioned ads to be highly insulting to anybody with a functioning brain. As are those for many insurance companies.
    Yes, the idiotic clowns who populate congress have done this to themselves and they deserve nothing but our disgust and worse. These vile "tea turd" congress critters have shut down many government agencies and services. Notice though, they will still get their pay checks, they will not suffer at all.
    The "tea turds" need to be unemployed ASAP. Oh and don't bet on the donkey gang riding to the rescue. We do NOT have two parties in the US of A. We have two wings of the war/high finance/Wally street party. The drone king, "our" (ig)Nobel piece prizident is a supposed "socialist" according to the "tea turds". No, he is just another disgusting Wally street minion, as are the vast majority of the 535 members of congress.
    I refuse to use a capitol "C" to describe that "body" until there are more than single digits of honest humans in each house of congress. I also refuse, absolutely to refer to America as any sort of "homeland". That sounds so like Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia/USSR. This is or was, the United States of America, in whose Marine Corps I served honorably for four years and did a tour in the imperial war in Vietnam. It is NOT and never was my nor my parents or grandparents "homeland".
    The damn fool sold out to AIPAC/zionist entity politicians have made this nation into a sick homie-land for the super rich and to hell with us working class and poor people.
    p.s. I do not care one damn bit if you choose to censor this comment. It is your blog, your rules, but this IS my honest opinion.
    semper fi.

  2. One extra comment. Health care reform is the legacy of Obama? Really? I see this sort of crap from the donkey gang and its supporters all the time. The drone king did not "reform" health care. What he did is give away the farm to the damn insurance companies.
    What America needs and should have and should have had for decades is a real national health care system in which ALL people are covered for ALL medical problems. That includes not just basic medical care, but dental, hearing, and vision as well. THEN and only then could America have any sort of claim to "greatness".
    This idiotic idea(??) of America as "exceptional" or "indispensable" is beyond insane. Enough! Just stop that crap, everybody. NOW! This country is not and never was nor will be such a place.

  3. No censoring here -- one, it's pretty small (I like to think quality over quantity)...and besides, censoring speech won't censor ideas, and isn't posting something an invitation to comment? I hope so.

    That said, I'm inclined to agree with a good bit of what you say -- don't much like the Direct TV ads either, but they're there, and it was easy to write up (mostly these days I'm trying to caption a picture)...I am pretty fond of stuff Alan Grayson says, and while he lists himself as a Democrat, he doesn't mince words.

    Obama was and is strictly lesser of evils. I don't despise the guy, but as you and I both know, Harvard Law doesn't produce socialists. It produces Kennedys, i.e., icons of Cold War Liberalism (JFK and RFK were pals with Joe McCarthy, and JFK was also a friend of Nixon, at least until the election). I think Obama is a bit more thoughtful than George W. Bush, though that's a pretty low bar (oh, I also think Krugman's right when he says Shrub isn't stupid, just thoughtless and incurious)...and the health care reform? Pretty small potatoes...hell, I'm old enough to remember it BEING the Republican plan to counter Hillarycare.

    In fact, I'm just barely old enough to remember who Nelson Rockefeller and John Lindsay were -- not that I knew what they stood for at the time -- but I think Obama, and for that matter, the Democratic Party of 2013, would fit in well with the Liberal Republicans of the 60s and 70s.

    My own take is that this actually started with...Jimmy Carter. Again, I think JC is a reasonably thoughtful human being (as opposed to yer modern Repugs like Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Gingrich, Palin, et al); however, years ago I remember reading a (very favorable) Hunter Thompson article about the guy. Thompson went to a speech Carter gave that laid out what's become THE definitive neo-liberal "time to stop "relying" on government."

    It didn't hit me at the time, but several years later I began to think, well, why NOT rely on the government? It's OUR government, right? Businesses and corporations rely on government all the time for subsidies, tax breaks, infrastructure improvements, and other services. We're just as important, right?

    Anyway...glad you take the time to comment. Sure, this is a small blog, and I began in part as sort of therapy...or at least as an alternative to throwing a brick through the TV. But yeah, I do like hearing what other people think.

  4. Michael,
    Thank you for the reply.
    I will be 66 if I make it to late December this year.
    Old, worn out, broken down working class guy who did four years as a US Marine including Vietnam.
    I became antiwar after that "fun" experience.
    I do remember Nelson and Lindsay. Even Nixon would be to the left of many current Democrats, including Obama. I don't hate anybody, but I do despise liars and have near zero tolerance for stupid. Stupid is not ignorance. We are all ignorant of somethings as it is impossible, or nearly so, to know about everything. We overcome ignorance by learning and/or doing things, we learn. Stupid, well, I cannot define it quite, but like a judge supposedly said about pornography, he could not say what it is, but knew it when he saw it. I'm like that with stupid, though many of the "tea" party politicians look to be good examples of what stupid is.
    I have no idea where I fit as to conservative/liberal or left/right. I believe in no gods at all, but marvel at the world around us and the night sky is still a thing of wonder. Man, there has to be life "out there", there is way too much there to be lifeless.
    I had a blog for a while but let it go. Started another some time back but don't post much mostly for health reasons. I have been told to slow down and not get so "excited" by things. Also, I think I may just be getting tired.
    I never have nor ever will censor any blog comments either. My only rule was for those who did to be nice to each other. The old "do unto others" is a very, very old philosophy not exclusive to any religion. I do try to live that way.
    I'll try not to rant too much in the comments here. Just every so often, I come across something that really gets me wound up.
    Best to you and yours,
    Alexandria, LA

  5. Well, glad you like stopping by Charlie, and I ALWAYS read what you write, and consider it thoroughly...because it's pretty evident you think a lot about things. That to me is good -- thinking people I appreciate, whether or not I agree.

    What also really riles me are the types like Ted Cruz (or a certain governor of a Southern State) -- who clearly aren't dumb, but have embraced a level of cynicism that really ends up needlessly hurting a lot of folks. That's a hell of a thing to do for political power...

    Anyway, back to chores over here. So it goes.